Bretted Russet - 8.5%

Bretted Russet - 8.5%


The most limited volume cider we will probably ever make! This cider is made from Egremont Russet apples that were "rescued" from a derelict orchard, the trees were massively overgrown with Bramble and Hawthorn, had very little light and were competing for water and nutrition. The result was tiny apples absolutely packed with sugar which resulted in a juice that fermented out naturally to 10.5%, this cider was then blended back with a 7.5% Russet cider to get it down to 8.5%. About a year into maturing the cider had hints of Brettanomyces (kinda funky and cheesy), so I tightened the lid back down and left it alone for another year. The result can only be described as a bit of a monster, a sour beer drinkers cider. This cider is best appreciated served chilled in a chalice style glass. You will be rewarded with alcohol aplenty, blue cheese notes, acetic twang and a warm fuzzy feeling.


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