Cider & Beer Selection Box

Cider & Beer Selection Box


6 bottles of our finest cider and perry along with some excellent beers from some fantastic brewers.

Some of the beers are only available in small amounts so we will be releasing them in batches of 10, once each 10 sell we will put together a new selection.


Beers in this box:


Mills & Boxcar Best Bitter, 4.6%. Our collaboration with Mills! Fruit flavours from the yeast, toffee and honey sweetness, balance with large amounts of Goldings hops.

Burnt Mill First Light, 7%. First Light is a grapefruit West Coast IPA with a hop bill delivering aromatic pine, orange, citrus and tropical fruit, supported by a crisp and dry malt base that leads to a refreshing bitterness.

Burnt Mill Pintle, 4.3%. Pale ale brewed with wheat, oats and flaked barley in the grist to smooth out the body. Whirlpooled and dry hopped with Australian Cascade and Citra. Its restrained bitterness and dry finish help maintain Pintle’s all day crushability.

Hackney Millions of Cherries, 4.5%. Using the same sour base as our ever popular Millions of Peaches, we've added a big dose of sour cherries to this beer. Pucker up!

Hackney Shadowpuppets, 6%. We wanted to make a stout with layers of chocolate flavour. Local bean-to-bar chocolate maker, Land, provided cocao husks to loosen the mash. We used further cocoa additions to the boil and the fermented beer was ‘dry-hopped’ with cocoa nibs through our hopinator. What we’ve finished with is a tasty stout that builds layers of chocolate flavour and complexity with every sip.

Rothaus Tannen Zapfle, 5.1%. The absolute classic among Rothaus beers - and has been since 1956. This is not the only reason why the Tannenzäpfle is the namesake and figurehead of the Gäpfle family. The best aroma hops from Tettnang and the Hallertau, local malt made from summer barley and the purest spring water from the Black Forest give every Rothaus Tannenzäpfle its uniquely spicy and fresh taste.


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    The current minimum order is any 12 bottles, or two 3 litre pouches, or one 20 litre bag-in-box.